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Five Elements of an A+ Essay

Every page of your writing receives thorough evaluation and recommendations in these five essential areas:



What claims are you asserting?

Did you support those claims with critical reasoning, evidence, and explanation?

Have you deployed effective rhetorical appeals to persuade your readers?

Any logical fallacies invalidating your argument?



How does the content of the essay flow?

Is this the best structure for your audience?

Does your arrangement of evidence and explanation contribute to supporting your claims or detract from them?


Meta- Discourse

Do your readers always know where they are in your argument?

Is your thesis statement obvious?

What’s your transition strategy?


Writing Style

How’s your spelling, grammar, and conventional usage?

Have you chosen the best words for your audience?

Does your style entice reader interest or expect it of them?

Are active verbs driving your argument, or are static verbs stalling it?



You’ve written this essay like a professional; now display it like one.

✓ Font Type

✓ Text Size

✓ Line Spacing

✓ Paragraph Indentations

✓ Page Margins

✓ Pagination

✓ Heading

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